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Being in love, seeing in love, eating and dreaming in love, living and dying in love, all they know is love, love and  love. Their only problem is the manipulated meaning of love !!


6. Let me write

Posted: November 21, 2012 in lonesome-poems


Let me write,just let me write,
Till time I am here,
Till the time I am wise,
Let me write, just let me write!!

You may leave,
After reading me twice,
Like all others go,
After speaking words nice, but
I will write, just write and write!!

These words will stay mine,
Rest all is melting ice,
None can accompany,
My eyes recognise!!

Alone was one born,
Lone he has to die,
Completing the journey alone,
each moment demands compromise,
nothing should I expect,
I must always revise,
And keep self occupied,
So thought to write !!

This world is disguise,
Relations too I recognise,
One’s tears never seen,
In other’s eyes,
true heart cry,
Lies own hike,
None worth share,
Its better to just write,
I have made these writings my life,
I write to keep me alive,
And so I write,
Please let me write !!!


Please let me write!!

2.The End

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Lost-love-poems


Endings were dreary ,
And so were the starts,
Life is forever rigid,
Cannot forget the past.

When love was the aim,
And searching it in main,
Met some creatures,
Not worth giving heart .

The dreamy love name ,
Was nothing more than game,
I sobbed in pain,
And others just laughed.

Endings were dreary,
And so were the starts !!


1 . Where is that place?

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Mysterious poems
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Hearing some bells around,
the bells so soothing, the spirit spell bound,
the melodious chimes ringing,
bringing peace to heart,
closed eyes than see,
some lights that spark ,
enlightening the soul,
those lights enter heart,
which place see eyes ,
where does it start ??


1; Immortal words in mortal world

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Words-poems
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Neither you nor i, none will stay same, just your words will remain, and will forever be read with our name !!!!

3. I am no one

Posted: October 28, 2012 in cursed-life-poems
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No place for me.
no one am i,
neither ground was given, nor mine was the sky!!


Many tears were gifted,
to let smiles dry,
many dreams were ruined , and desires tend to die!!

All aspects were viewed, prior to apply,
each path was designed,
to ensure me sigh!!


My life

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Defining-life-poems

This life was mine,
as all around defined,
i have to build it with time,
so that it forever shine !!

I grew and grew,
by body and mind,
one day than realised,
nothing is such kind !!

Though breaths were mine,
destiny was carved by divine,
the millions of moments i lived,
each was carved terribly fine !!

Though no one used the kni
The scars were pre-designed,
I ought to live in pain,
just that was given as prime !!!!


1. Hypocrite world

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Hypocrisy-poems
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Good and bad,
pure of different kinds, all weathers and seasons, conspire human mind. hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy is its design !!

Blood runs more on streets,
than in veins of human kind,
hypocrisy is the rule, whatever one may define. “>

Hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy its design !!<Blood runs more on streets,
than in veins of human kind,
hypocrisy is the rule, whatever one may define. Hypocrite is this world,
hypocrisy its design !!

Doing something else,
from what they are assign,
crying for someone else,
from those they say whine,
hypocrite is each one,
in a hypocrite design !!

Hate those they say,
completely you are mine,
betrayal is the aim,
any story will be fine,
hypocrisy is the religion,
hypocrisy is its kind !!

Lets see how long he waits, how much patience has divine. Lets see how long it goes,
and when he puts on fine. He made human great , who knew inhumanity will one day shine, hypocrisy is our religion , hypocrisy is our kind !!!

1. Why ??

Posted: October 24, 2012 in God-poems

Today, I accept with all my might,
seeking reasons every while,
i developed a strange insight,
that inspires me to write !!!!
Let me write what i contrite,
its a woeful soul's plight,
on the world's paths so bright,
to millions of emotions , let me contribute my mite !!"

Splendid life in various size,
a different tale floats in each sight,
one thing but still same inspite,
the desire for more we always thrive !!

The real essence is kept aside,
with shut eyes we search life bright,
material wealth has been a delight,
the sleeping concious at times though strife,
instead of listening ,we ignore despite,
but how long reluctance be our side ??

Instead indifference lets be an incite,
quenched souls may ignite,
once compell to think twice,
who we are and in what our pride !!

What may be the mission for us he concise,
what may be the logic behind smiles and cries,
why obstacles walk beside,
the logics of truths, the reasons to lie !!

Let me write until removes each why,
Before living a while why some die,
someone succeeds before a try,
others fail while being so high??
I’ll write till final goodbye !!

(to be continued…….)

Pain by divine

Posted: October 22, 2012 in God-poems
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The millons of moments one live,
each is carved by divine,
blaming and praising each-other,
we live upto his design !!

Though no one use the knife,
The scars are pre-designed,
ought to live in pain,
appeared to him giving in prime !!!!